• Open Joint-Stock Company “Radiovolna” is a diversified industrial dynamically developing enterprise actively introducing new technologies into the production process. Tractors, trucks and other technics produced with spare parts of our manufacture work in different climatic conditions in various parts of the world.

  • OJSC «Radiovolna» specializes in manufacture of tractor and automobile generators differing in climatic modification, voltage, current and drive pulley sizes. We also produce automobile compact-generators of different modifications.

  • The company manufactures section-plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers using soldering technology in a vacuum furnace.

  • OJSC «Radiovolna» produces sets of locking devices of various configuration for equipping of the cabs of cars of different models. Sets of locking devices include the cab door lock, the inside and outer door handles of the cab and the ignition lock. At the request of the customer we can offer sets of locking devices of any configuration.

  • In February 2003 the production of electrical wire harnesses for automobiles of the concern Volkswagen AG was organized at the enterprise OJSC “Radiovolna”. The quality management system is based on the strategy “zero defects”. In 2013 there was organized production of electric wire harnesses for the plant of concern Volkswagen AG in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Types of manufacture

  • Manufacture of electrical wire harnesses for automobiles of the concern Volkswagen AG
  • Mechanical assembly production
  • Tool production
  • Non-ferrous castings components production
  • Plastic and rubber components manufacture
  • Forming manufacture
  • Machining processing manufacture
  • Electroplating coatings production
  • Paint-and-lacquer coatings production


  • Automobile generators
  • Tractor generators
  • Heat exchangers
  • Exhaust gas recycling coolers
  • Fans EVI
  • Mechanical parts of engines
  • Plastic parts of engines
  • Sets of locking devices
  • Consumer goods